Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's been too long

I've been trying to keep myself updated on here, but just haven't. I've been busy just trying to get kids to do school, do church callings and keep house at least somewhat liveable. Now that Thanksgiving is over with we have Christmas coming. It's my favorite holiday out of all of them. I LOVE to decorate and it shows. Dh puts up with it since it's just one month. What a good guy.

Today dh and ds put up the lights outside while the rain held off. We all ended up outside eventually, helping and admiring out work. We now have lights all the way around the house and lots out front. We also have acquired a small manger scene with Mary, Joseph and the babe. We have a slow moving reindeer, and 2 other deer that just stand along with a small sled. A few years ago we cut down our outside pine tree that was used as my second Christmas tree. So the next Christmas dh bought a lighted tree for outside in place of that one.

So now tomorrow, after church, I get to decorate inside. We did put up my Christmas Village with dh's help. Tomorrow is when I put things on my shelves and walls. Yes, I do go crazy. I don't have much Santa stuff since I feel way too much emphasis on that. I have a lot of snow creatures and other cute things. A few Santa things, but they were given to me by my mom.

I'll try and remember to post a photo of our stuff. I just can never figure out our filing system. ;/

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