Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just stuff

It's a cloudy Sat morning, but amazingly I'm not feeling blah. Usually grey skies make be not want to be productive, but so far so good.

Today, Robert gets the chance to make some money by video taping some of his friends at their plays today. He'll be gone most of the day since one of the friends will be at 11 and the other at 3. He's excited since video making is what he's currently into right now. He's already video taped one of his friends' dad doing magic at a local library. He also got paid for that. He keeps telling me that he doesn't need to get a part time job because he has one. Umm yeah, unpredictable one.

So now we face yet another day with him gone all day. Actually I think it's kind of good for me to have him gone all day off an on because next yr when he leaves for his service mission for the church he'll be gone for 2yrs. I think these activities are slowly preparing me for this.

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