Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cleaning and cleaning

I'm now on week 2 of cleaning up the house. The temps are still warm, but that's ok. It's summer. It is nice to have things more organized and have found things I had forgotten about. When I cleaned up the school room I found some school books I forgot about. Guess we'll be doing them this year.

We also started doing some review work for the upcoming school year. The kids were a bit resistant, but did ok. Sarah will be my challenging one since she gets bored easily and doesn't want to do the same thing everyday. Her older brother and sister like that, but she gets bored. Guess I'll have to strike up a deal with her on how often we do certain subjects. Guess it will keep me on my toes.

The summer is slowly winding down, but that's ok. I've had my break and now need to start again with learning or more structured learning. Now that I only have 2 officially doing school it will seem weird. However, he's still working on some stuff from last yr that we found halfway through the year, so he'll be kept busy.

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