Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since 1am this morning we've had off and on thunderstorms. I'm really getting tired of them. The one during the night lasted 1 1/2hrs. Then we had a small one around 12:30 pm. We had plans to go to a local park. Went anyway since the rain storm didn't last long. Around 3 we received a phone call from a friend that another big severe storm was on its way. So we all left. I, however, did a dumb thing and stopped for a bit of groceries on the way home. As I looked out the window of the store I see dark gray clouds, wind blowing and bending trees way down and TONS of rain. Oh great!

I called my son at home and he said the storm was almost over with. However, I still didn't want to wait around too much longer so I pulled the car over to the front of the store and had my 7yr run out to the car and I threw the groceries in. I was soaked as if I'd been in a shower. Drove home in it, but it was settling by the time we got home. What an adventure.


mommyx12 said...

I slept right through them. I always do. Even the kids didn't wake up and run into my room. Pretty unusual for them not to sleep through a storm. It is suppose to rain all week. Should be fun!!!!

Karies place said...

Lucky you. Wish I could have. And yes, it rained pretty much all week. Hopefully next week it'll be sunny.