Sunday, May 1, 2011

First day of May

Today is May 1st and Sunday. A very nice sunny day. Unfortunately I'm home due to my youngest having the sniffles. She's ok, but we figured a red nosed little girl really shouldn't be at church. Plus the night before(Fri night) she kept waking up from a bad dream so neither of us slept well. So I sent hubby onto church for his early meeting, then Robert and Natasha later on for the actual meeting. Sarah woke up just after they left. So far a nice morning with the usual her wanting to do lots of stuff.

I've got her on the computer playing some games. Normally she doesn't get access to the computer during the week alot so now she has it. She has been a little bit resistant, but once I let her know it's her time, she finally relented. I am thankful for the sunshine so that at least the day is welcoming.

I also wanted to say "I love you" to my mom. Yesterday or Fri(I think the 29th) 2yrs ago she passed away. It was hard to let her go, but she was in too much distress and keeping her here would be mean and selfish. Her insides weren't working properly anymore. She wasn't able to swallow food so she had to be tube fed. Not something we wanted for a dignified lady like she was. So I see her running around and enjoying being with family members who went before us. She is happy. :)

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