Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well, according to the calendar it will be officially spring on Sunday 20th. And the weather outside right now sure has felt like spring. But I know that it's still March and winter isn't going to give in so easily. Just like each season has to fight before giving up. I still have my shovels right outside the door. They don't get put up until the first week in June. Yes, I said June. I have seen snow in May so I'm just being prepared. :)

So today was almost 60 and the sun was shining. So after lunch we all went outside and while the kids (Sarah climbed and shoveled the snow that is still here) did their stuff I sat on the porch enjoying the nice warm sun and fresh air.

This evening dh tells me he will need the van tomorrow so since the weather is still nice(7:30pm) I go out and vacuum it. It wasn't horrible but since he's carpooling I felt it necessary. So now we have a cleaned out van for awhile.


Julie said...

Ah! Nothing like a clean van. I would love to sit out in the sunshine. Hoping we get some soon. Hope you enjoyed it enough for the both of us.

Karies place said...

Thanks for posting, Julie. Hopefully will last a few days. Sunshine is here, but weather is getting cooler again.