Monday, January 17, 2011

Update again

I've been trying to come back here more often, but haven't always been successful. Also, most nights I'm just plain too tired to think, so I don't.

We've started back to our school routine 2 weeks ago and were doing pretty well. We did slow down by Thurs afternoon so I was glad for the open gym on Fri afternoon. We also had a good showing of 15 moms. And considering most of the moms had at least 2 kids(some had 4) we had a room full of energetic kids running around. It was nice to see friends again I haven't seen in quite a long time. Nice to sit and chat while the kids were busy.

Sat was the young women's volleyball game in our church. They had to be at the church by 8:30 am for their game at 9. So dh took Natasha and Robert(he wanted to support the young women ;) ) while I stayed home with Sarah. We did go after awhile and watch their last game. A lot of new girls on the team so they are still learning the rules and how to play. But they had fun. Went out to lunch then home.

Then Sat evening Robert and Natasha had a church dinner and dance to attend. They got home around 11pm. Long day. Sarah and I cuddled and watched cartoons. Dad relaxed playing computer games.

Sunday was church and this year we have early meetings go up at 5:30 and leaving by 8:15. I do the programs each Sunday and I have to get them copied each Sunday morning. Church was good. Lessons very spiritual. Then home for lunch and a nap. I was(and still am) coming down with a cold. Nothing bad, but they do tend to wear me out.

Then today was Martin Luther King day and dh had the day off. So after our morning routine of library and lunch, we headed out with dh to a movie called "Tangled". Very cute movie. A tiny bit scary at times, but only lasts a min or two. Stopped off at Sam's Club for a few min then off to dinner. We've also had snow today, about 4" and still coming. It will be needed for the young men doing sledding tomorrow night. Also for the campout this weekend. The scouts will be building a snow fort in their scout masters back yard. A yearly happening. Then they sleep in it. Told my son to have fun. I would be thinking of them while in my nice snuggly bed.

Well tomorrow is the start of art and gym for homeschoolers in our area. Our local city organizes this and has done so for at least 6yrs. This will be Robert's last semester. Can't believe he's almost done with school. I'm looking forward to seeing all my current friends and meeting new ones.

That's all for now, but then again it was a lot. Hope to post again soon.

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