Friday, December 31, 2010

A Happy New Year!

For this upcoming year I hope to have learned from my mistakes from this year and grow up more and be a better wife and mom. I have a selfish streak and at times it rears its ugly head. Not good. I hope my family will be patient with me as I struggle to over come this issue. We will all benefit greatly from it.

I also hope to continue to learn with my children and hope they understand the excitement of learning. I hope they can learn now and continue learning all their lives.

I hope my relationship with my children does better. I see a lot of my own personality in them and boy does it get to me. Kind of makes me realize what my husband puts up with.

I also hope my relationship with my husband grows stronger and better. We've had 22 yrs over ups and downs(mostly ups) and I want it to continue to grow stronger and better.

I also look forward to making many more friends and appreciating the ones I have.


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