Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All is quiet

I think I'm about to jinx myself but stating this, but so far all kids are still sleeping. They all had eventful activities in the afternoon and evening and then were up late so I'm enjoying the nice quiet morning.

I haven't been real good at posting lately simply because if I'm in an angry mood or sad, I tend not to want to post. I'm not in a sad mood, just frustrated lately. Dh and I don't always see eye to eye. I know that's normal, but when it seems to be more than usual then I just want to hide. Especially with my kids' education. We are both very different in how we think to educate. He is more into textbooks and such. And that's fine since he loves to read and understands. I'm more visual and love to watch and see things. I'm also more of a unschooling person and he's more structured. Both are good, but when I get the pressure to do more text book stuff and less video I get frustrated.

My son is very much like his dad. Would rather read that watch stuff. My oldest dd is very visual. She learns much better by observing and doing. I'm much the same way. I need to see things to remember them. Then there's my youngest who does both. So I'm just trying to get my dh to understand this. Someday maybe.


mommyx12 said...

Good to hear from you Karie. I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas.

Karies place said...

Thanks mommyx12. You also have a great Christmas!