Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's me

Been needing to post, but haven't been in the mood. Or when I was, I wasn't able to be online. The weeks are flying by way too fast. It's already Nov and Christmas ads are appearing everywhere. I don't mind this holiday, in fact it's my favorite one. My home is adorned with winter and religious decorations. But it's the weather I'm not thrilled with. Hibernating till spring is not my most thrilling way of spending each day. Luckily we do have at least 2 days a week that I have to get out. Mon we visit our local library and check out books and such for the week. Tues our city we live in has a art and gym class they offer homeschoolers. So my 3 kids each have classes on this day. It nice for them to do art projects that don't make a mess in my house. And the gym class is nice so they get out some energy.

Then the rest of the week is usually at home with the occasional homeschool group day or country group day. Group day is where we meet at our local library and have guest speakers, talent day, art and crafts or game day. Just a time where the kids get to be with each other. The Country group is we meet once a month to report on our research on a certain country. The month of Nov we will be reporting on Ireland.

Then there's the occasional field trip we go on. There are some days I feel we are never home and then other times I feel we haven't stepped foot outside the house. Trying to make it an even balance isn't always easy.

This weekend I have had some answers thrown at me that made me realize I need to recheck my priorities. It's a good thing though, because I knew I was doing too much, but needed this confirmation. Going to church this weekend made me realize this. Now just need to implement my ideas. :)

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