Friday, July 16, 2010

Last day just us girls

Tomorrow afternoon my son will be home from scout camp. He's done this the past 6 yrs now and you'd think I'd be used to it. Not so. I'm very glad he's had this opportunity once again. But the last 2 days the girls have commented on how they miss him. Can't wait until he gets home. I feel the same way. I have missed (mostly) our conversations and just general chatting. But a special last day treat I'm giving the girls is a shopping spree of sorts. No, we're not going to spend tons(don't have tons lol) but they have been asking for some new night gowns so I think we'll try for that and then lunch out. Should be fun and something new and exciting to do before brother gets home.

Natasha also finally got her new glasses. She is so super excited to have them. Once Robert gets home I'll have him take some photos and then post them. She normally wears very conservative type glasses, but this time she went into a little bit of fun. Black frames with purple on the side. Very daring for her and very cute. Now if we can just find some new ones for mom that I like. The eye glass place didn't have anything I liked in my size. Hoping next week dh and I can shop at another store and find something. I do need some new ones.

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