Friday, June 4, 2010

Been busy

I was going to post over the Memorial Holiday, but just got so busy, I forgot. We had a nice weekend, and was sad to see it go, but life goes on. Last Sat, dh and I got busy planting the last of our flowers and got the garden started. The flowers were starting to look very sad. Did some other chores then had an early dinner.

Sunday was normal church at least for Sacrament. Robert was getting his patriarchal blessing at 2:30 so that meant right after we had to leave. It was a nice blessing. The Patriarch chatted with Robert for a bit, then invited us in for the blessing. Afterward we chatted for a bit. Then headed home since church would be over in 30 min and it would take us 20 to get there. Spent the rest of the day relaxing at home.

Monday morning we headed to a local park for a church service project. We were asked to pull a certain weed along the river path. So after a nice devotional, we headed to the path. We were finished about an hr early, but that was fine. Left around 10:30 to head home and get ready to head to friends' home. We were spending the rest of the day with them. Same faith (LDS) same educational ideas (homeschooling) and same political ideas. So nice chat. The kids had a blast as well. They have 7 kids ranging from 12 - 1yr.

So nice weekend and a nice week so far. Just trying to get school stuff done enough so we can settle a bit in summer. We still do school, just not as intense. Tues was our make believe Mon for going to the library. We also had the dishwasher repairman come. Our dishwasher just stopped working on Fri so we sat around Tues from 1ish till he got here around 3:30. Turns out one of the plugs underneath was unplugged. So now it works.

Wed. was just school during the day. That evening Robert had orientation meeting at the library getting ready to volunteer for the summer reading program. This is his 4th yr. Thurs was spent doing more school and then getting the kids ready to head to the temple that afternoon. Dropped them off then Sarah and I had the afternoon to ourselves. Did a few walks and then computer games. Finally daddy came home and we headed off to walmart. Did some major shopping. Afterward daddy treated us to McD's ice cream. Sarah was thrilled. Made it home by 9:30. Cartoons were in order while we waited for brother and sister's call to say they were coming home.

Around 10:30 dh left to go get the kids. Received a call around 11 that there was an accident delaying the kids and so we waited and waited and waited. They finally got home around 12:30am. Very tired but had fun. Looking forward to hearing all about it later on.

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