Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nice weather

Well, I see the nice weather is definitely starting to win out over the colder stuff. Yesterday afternoon I spent most of the day outside either sitting on my back porch soaking in the sun or wondering my yard invisioning all I'm going to do with it. In our front yard we are eventually taking out the pine tree that I've loved, but is dying. I love decorating it at Christmas time, but then the rest of the yr, it just looks pitiful. So this yr either dh or I will be sawing it down. :(

However, the rest of the flower garden out front will receive some much needed updating. I'm not much of an identifier with plants vs weeds when they're first growing, so I'm always nervous to pull or not. So I finally got dh to help me out since he's the one who planted things in the first place here. So I've been happily pulling weeds and just cleaning up in the front. We're adding an extra ft on the end since it seems to have been overgrown by lawn.

In the back we finally got the dirt piled around the patio and will be seeding it soon. In the far back of the yrd dh will be taking a rototiller and redoing the lawn. It became over grown with the extra lawn we dug up for the patio. Then we'll plant some flowers along the side of the house that has little or no sunshine. Looking forward to some color along there. Most houses here have this ugly purple flower there because it grows in the shade. But it's ugly. So I asked around on face book and received many suggestions on good shade flowers. There are some gorgeous ones out there.

I must be getting excited because this post is getting longer than normal lol. I'm just anxious to be outside doing things and getting my home looking nice. Looking forward to planting our garden again this yr. Hoping to find a place to plant yellow squash. LOVE yellow squash but it wouldn't grow in our regular garden spot. Not enough sun. So this yr I'm having dh put a special container just outside our back door that gets TONS of sun. Here's hoping for a successful planting yr.


Debbie said...

The weather is beautiful. My middle one had to get some seeds today and started to prepare the dirt to start planting. He can't wait!

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

I'm enjoying springtime, too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. (I'm the one who shared about her shopping adventure with 4 kids.) I always appreciate people who take the time to comment.

Hope all is well with you!


Karies place said...


I'm like him, I can't wait to start playing in the dirt with new plants and our garden lol.

Karies place said...


You are welcome. I enjoy finding and reading other's blogs just to see how similar they are to my own life.

We are well.