Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trying to do better

I've been trying to post more often here, but unfortunately the only time I have to do this is during the day. Morning time doesn't work since I'm trying to get the kids' school stuff happening. Evening time I can't because it interferes with a game dh plays. So, I'll just have to keep trying and do what I can.

A few weeks ago I mentioned ds Robert starting driving class. He's doing well, and slowly adjusting to life in a public school building. He still doesn't like being with those kids(horrible language and disgusting topics), but he does the best that he can and just tries to listen to the instructor.

And since we're at the school I have been trying to help out some of Robert's friends that go to this school by giving them a ride home after school. They used to have 2 vehicles, but the one has been in the shop for awhile and since they've helped us in the past, we don't mind.

In other news, our Stake sponsored a road show this past weekend. Our ward did a "don't date until 16" using Happy Day's Characters. They did a marvelous job and I was able to get most of it recorded(last 90 sec missed due to dead batteries). My son Robert plays Ralph and my dd Natasha is one of the dancers in green.

This morning in the mail I received an envelope with my mom's personal history from my aunt. I'm so thankful my mom thought to do this several yrs ago. It's so nice to read her thoughts and feelings.


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