Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's 6am

and I'm up before most people. Dh and taken Robert to seminary and is now back home getting ready for work. Then he'll go back and pick up Robert. In the meanwhile, I get my early morning online time with no interruptions.

We finally started our Christmas shopping. We have had so many other things we had to do that the shopping got put aside till now. So dh was out yesterday starting on that. Then he came home and for FHE we watched "The year without a Santa Clause". It was a cute movie and we all enjoyed it. Put the kids to bed and had the evening to ourselves.

Today is our busy Tues but the things we are doing are different. At 9:30 both older kids are going in for mouth molds to get braces. Both of them are really excited to have this done. I hope they're still this excited once the braces are on. Too late to back down then. :/ After we done with the prep work we head home for hopefully a bit of school work then lunch and onto a Christmas party of some homeschool friends.

After the party we head home for a quick bite of dinner and then it's off to church classes for the evening. Should be exhausted by the end of the day. lol


Laura Lynn said...

I just ran into your blog - very cute.
The schedule never slows down, does it? We're always on the go over here too but at least it makes time interesting and fun I guess!
I'll be back!

Anonymous said...
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Karies place said...

Laura Lynn,

Thanks for stopping by. I read some of your blog and am a follower now. Nice to meet you. :)