Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Early Morning to you all

It's almost 6:30 am. Been up an hr. Had to get ds Robert up for seminary. Dh took him so I get my online time with no interruptions. Amazing how when I seem to go to sleep earlier than normal, I wake up still very tired. Where as, if I don't sleep until later, I'm not as tired. Go figure.

Today I take my youngest daughter to the dr. She's had a stuffy nose for almost 2 months(off and on) and isn't as active as she normally is. Hoping to figure out what's up. With all the sicknesses that went around recently, something is still with her, I think. Hopefully it's just an infection and is just taking its time going away.

Tomorrow my 2 oldest are going to the orthodontist. I went to one when I was in high school. Not a fun place to be. But for some reason my kids are excited. Guess it's better to be excited than to dread

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