Monday, November 23, 2009

Quick hello

Had a good weekend. Got the garage about 95% done now. Enough that if the snow were to start flying, we could now get the car in. The weather was nice as well, so that helped. Been trying to get my youngest dd Sarah to come out and play while the weather is nice. She does venture out for a bit, but then decides she'd rather play with big sister Natasha inside. Just wait, one day while it's raining they'll then want to go outside. lol

Sunday was church. Nice to be among friends. Afterwards came home for lunch and resting. Dh had men's choir practice around 4. 5:30 dinner and 6pm headed back to church for young women's program. Very nice. Home around 9:00 and bedtime for kids 9:30(although I'm guessing they didn't fall asleep until 10).

This morning starting late with school due to late night. That's what's nice about homeschooling is you start when you can.

Well, hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving. Ours will be a nice quiet one with just the 5 of us.

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