Friday, June 5, 2009

Nice and quiet day

We didn't do much since the 2 older kids were out until midnight last night. They had gone on a temple trip with the youth and dh. They were tired, so I let them sleep in until 9:30. By the time they got up and got going, it was 10:30 so we just lazed around.

The weather has been nice and still is. Dh and ds are now at a father/son campout. They aren't staying the whole night since the last 3yrs when they get up, most of the dads and sons are packing up and leaving by 9am. But they do have a program on Fri evening so they are at that. Right now I just received an email from dh that they are still playing one of the games. Should be awhile yet.


Tricia said...

The weather was beautiful wasn't it. We don't have a camping trip tonight but dh is sleeping outside with 7 kids. And I have the big ole bed all to myself. Sleep tight I say.

Karies place said...

It was. Too bad it turned cold today. Oh well, got to have the bad to appreciate the good.

That would be nice for me. Dh would rather have us all do that instead of just him and the kids. :) That is sweet of your dh.