Friday, May 15, 2009

An ok day

Today started out with sun, but then it was quickly taken over by clouds. Oh well, have to have the good with the bad. At least it wasn't raining. We did our textbook school work, and then I had the kids start working on their science project due for our library(class)day coming up next Fri. They had fun, made a mess, but had fun.

Soon after ds decided he wanted to go on the scout campout this weekend since one of the leaders had some extra bikes(his doesn't work). So he busily got his backpack ready and contacted the leader. The leader had called yesterday while dh, dd N and I were out getting some garden supplies. He knew that ds was wanting to go camping, but was getting too old for this group. So last night dh and I were talking and dh suggested that if ds wanted to go...go!

So at 5pm the leader showed up and away they went. They are doing a bike campout so he should be pretty tired tomorrow.

In the meantime I got dinner ready (chicken fingers and fries) and we ate. After dinner I sat on the couch while the girls were watching cartoons and snoozed. Eventually woke up and got the girls ready for bed. They are now laying on the couch, one asleep(dd S) and the other still watching). Pretty soon bedtime for all. Tomorrow hopefully getting some flowers planted and the garden started. Yes, I know a bit late, but between sickness in March and a death just a few weeks ago, we just haven't had time.

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