Monday, May 18, 2009

Nice day

Our new week started out with sleeping in 1 extra hr. Now that ds is done with seminary, we don't have to get up at 5:30. Now mind you, we're glad for the spiritual start that ds gets with this class, but getting up sometimes is just a struggle. So anyway, dh gets up and gets ready for work. While doing this, we get greeted by our youngest dd S with a "it's morning time, time to get up". So I take her downstairs and give her some white soda. She got sick on Sat and so we're slowly adding stuff.

Eventually dd N and I take dh to work and then head home. Once home we get ready to start out morning. I've told the kids that on Mon we now do at least a math lesson and then we head to the library. Because our library's children section is being remodeled, there really isn't much to look at, so ds stays home with dd S and dd N and I head over, pick up books and DVD's and then pick up the other two for lunch.

After lunch I had ds continue writing his thank yous for his Eagle Scout invites. Dd s is thankfully starting to feel better, but because she woke up so early (6:30) and didn't snooze back again, she was tired and feel asleep for an hr. Woke her up an hr later and made her stay awake. Don't want to be up till 10pm with her still awake.

Around 4:30 dd N and I pick up dh from work. Nothing exciting. The rest of the evening is spent veggin out and then FHE around 7. After that, we just relaxed and watched cartoons. Now just a quick explanation on the cartoons. This is our cartoons we watch. Just wanted you all to know this because most cartoons today are not watchable at our home.

Now, the girls are finishing one of the cartoons and then will head up to bed for the night...I hope. :)

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