Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring is trying

Today was a nice day. We started our morning devotional on time. The kids were pretty cooperative about doing school work. By lunchtime the girls were wanting to go out and enjoy the nice weather. What could I do but say yes. :) They played outside most of the afternoon. Ds worked on a few more Eagle invites and then started on his weekly report.

Around 4 I decided I needed to clean up the house for the evening. Not too hard since the house has been kept relatively clean. Got dinner started and then went outside to enjoy the weather.

Dh arrived home around 5 with groceries. Unpacked them and then the girls played more. Dinner was late since I changed my mind about what we were having so that meant dinner would be later than usual.

After dinner the girls were now tired and just vegged on cartoons. Bedtime was nice and easy and now all kids are in bed. Soon to be dh and I turn to head in for the night.


Becca said...

Dont'cha love days like this? I am so happy spring is here!

Karies place said...

Oh I do. And yes, spring is trying and hopefully winning. :)

QueenBarbie's journal said...

me too.