Sunday, April 26, 2009

Really no updates

but I just wanted to thank those of you who have posted your prayers and concern to me regarding my mom. She's still with us, but not sure how much longer. There are some other issues happening, (nothing bad)but due to my emotions right now, I'm not going to say anything. All I ask at this time is prayers that if it is indeed her time to go home, that she go home quickly and painlessly knowing that ALL her family loves her, but we know she's tired.


Becca said...

We went through something like this with my husbands grandfather who was like a father to him. It was slow and painful for us to watch. My heart is with you.

Karies place said...

Thank you Becca. For me it's not really real just yet because she's in Ut and I'm in WI. But just speaking to different family members, and listening to them get all emotional, it just hurts and we quickly change the subject.