Friday, April 24, 2009

No news is good news...I hope

Well, for those of you read my last post, so far no word on my mom. So I'm guessing that it means she holding her own. She is one strong women. She's been in this type of situation before and come out fine. About 7 or 8 yrs ago she had kidney stones. The drs told my brother to call all family members because they didn't think she would make it. 3 days later she woke up, told my aunt to tell me to call her room. I called and it was so nice to hear her voice. We even joked about how if she had wanted attention, all she had to do was ask lol. She laughed with me.

Then about 5yrs ago, she was starting to do bad again in late fall. My dh told me that if she started to improve and stay that way, we would plan to go out (UT) in late Spring and see her. So in '04 we headed out to say hi. She was fine.

So, even though we're being told she only has days probably, we're not giving up until she no longer breathes. We know she is tired and has lived a good life, but it's still so hard to let go. So I guess all I ask at this time is continued prayers that whatever Heavenly Father has in store for her, that she can handle it and that her family will be able to handle it. Thanks for all your love and responses. They mean a lot to me.


Tricia said...

Oh Karie, playing the waiting game must be so hard. I hope things turn out well. I know Heavenly Father is watching and all will be perfect in Him. Take care. Thinking about you.

Karies place said...

Thanks Tricia, and yes it is.