Monday, April 20, 2009

My new website

A few weeks ago I was bored. Yeah I know "gasp" a mom who was bored?! Well, it was in the evening time so the kids were in bed and dh was playing his online game. So I checked around and started a free website program. Well, ds saw this and said "Mom, I can make you a better one and easier to use". I told him if he could find something that would allow ME to be able to enter in links, texts or whatever I needed when I want to add it, then I'm all for it. So thankfully I found it and it's been fun.

So why am I mentioning this? Glad you asked. lol I want to show it off AND I'd like for you all to help me out. I would like you to recommend to me and who ever reads my website whatever program/s you use to educate your kids(or supplement them if you don't homeschool). If you use the same program for all your subjects, then let me know why. If you use different ones, also let me know why. I'm trying to have a website where I can be of help to those just getting started, or others who just need some fresh ideas. So here's the link to my website. You can answer by leaving a comment. Thanks


Becca said...

yeah! I like it! Very crisp, pretty, and looks like it will be very informative!

Karies place said...

Thanks Becca!