Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just more stuff

This morning started out with dh getting paged at 4:30am with an urgent phone call from work. He ended up being on the call till 8:30am. It basically meant that he got to leave work early. So, after being awake since 5:30 to get ds up for seminary, I laid on the couch, and snoozed till 8:00 when youngest dd S woke me for her morning chocolate milk. We then snoozed more till 9am. By time I'm realizing that our morning if going by fast, and if we're going to get any school done, we need to get up. So once the kids are up, dh is done with his phone call and heads upstairs to shower and leave by 9:30.

We start out morning trying to get school work done. Did ok, but I still needed to shower since our morning was all out of whack. We did manage to get some math, science and history done. Then ds needed to get out his invites for his Eagle invites. So he spent his lunch hour doing that. Then did some housework.

Dh calls around 1 to say he's getting himself some lunch, then going to do a quick shopping trip and then head home. The rest of the afternoon was spent with the girls outside playing. Nice day with temps in low 60's and sunshine. Me getting housework done, and ds gathering info for his report.

It's now quiet time and the girls are playing quietly upstairs, and ds is reading. Dh and I are online just relaxing.

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