Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a nice quiet Easter weekend. Sat was spent slowly waking up to the morning. It was sunny and cool, but not cold. After relaxing in the morning, dh and I went out to clean out our small garden. We didn't get a chance to weed it out last fall, so we did it now. It was actually kind of fun just dh and I working together in the garden. Got the dirt all cleaned up and such.

While we were doing this, the girls we playing together nicely outside. Enjoying being outside instead of couped up in the house. Pretty much dd S was outside for about 6 hrs. Dd N about 4. Ds maybe 30 min lol. Just not an outside kid.

Eventually it was lunch time so we came inside for that. Dds decided she wanted a picnic outside so I fixed her a sandwich and sat with her while she ate it. Dd N wanted to eat inside so I stayed out.

After a bit she was done so we came in to see what sister was doing. She was watching a barbie movie, so both girls watched. I then see dh out front cleaning our our flower garden. I quickly finish my lunch then head out to help. He has weeded out all the junk that has grown and made a mess of our garden. It now looks so much better.

Eventually dh had a church meeting to attend since it was Stake Conference weekend along with Easter. So off he went to that. We just goofed off at home. Eventually fixed dinner for the kids, then dh arrived home for dinner. After we ate, we left for the adult session of Stake Conference and left all 3 kids to "babysit" each other lol. The meeting was nice and it was nice to see friends again that I haven't seen in a few weeks.

Arrived home to find kids settled and ready for bed. That was nice.

Sunday morning we were able to sleep in a bit since we didn't have to be to church until 10. We were watching a regional conference with I believe 6 other mid western states. We were able to watch and listen to Pres Monson again. Was very nice.

Talked with a friend afterwards who's son is getting his Eagle along with my ds. We are trying to organize how the program will run. Got that taken care of, then heading off to home for lunch and a relaxing day. We don't do egg hunts or Easter bunny so we just settled about talking about Christ and the resurrection.

Dinner was a simple one of ham, potatoes and pasta with rolls. I'm not a fancy cook, but wanted to give dh a break. HE'S the cook. But dinner was good. I made Strawberry cheese cake for desert. The kids wanted to eat right after dinner, but mom was full. I still haven't had a slice yet lol.

I will fill you in on todays stuff in a bit. I need to go finish getting dh's lunch ready for tomorrow. :)

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