Friday, March 6, 2009

Up all night

Well, so far this yr we had managed to stay quite healthy except a mild cold a few weeks ago. Well, last night around 11pm, our youngest decided that she was going to be sick. Poor thing. So mommy and dd were up about every hr or 45 min with her being sick. Thankfully, most of the worst part was at the beginning. The rest of the night was her gagging. (sorry if TMI). So I figured if I brought her down this morning it would help a bit. It kind of has. Unfortunately, she asked for some water, after 5 min it came up. So poor thing can't even have that. Here's hoping by noon that she'll be able to tolerate some water.


JADs Mama said...

Bless her heart!
Will pray she feels better soon and that you can get some rest, too. :)

Karies place said...

Thanks Vania.

Bee and Rose said...

Sending you get well wishes for your sweetie:)

Karies place said...

Thanks Bee and Rose