Thursday, March 12, 2009

A rather calm day

Since ds R was still not 100% we choose to have a quiet day and do little or no school. Besides, as he put it, it's Thurs and the weeks almost over. Good thing mom wasn't in the mood either. Guess having 2 kids sick in 7 days has worn me out. Unfortunately I'm afraid it's not over yet. We suspect this weekend someone else will get the stomach bug. The only good thing about it is, once you get an empty stomach, all you want to do is sleep. Then, once you're awake, you're able to drink small cups of white soda. Now this may not sound really all the exciting, but from what my ds tells me, that small cup of soda tasted really good after being sick.

So anyway, our day was spent updating my blogs to 3 columns. We didn't get to them all, but hoping tomorrow we will. Turns out the link we found to a 3 column instruction had 1 minor(but very important) detail left out, or should I say left in. As my ds pointed out to me, there was 1 line at the very end that keeps these instructions from working. I'll try and post it sometime tonight. I love having 3 columns AND you can still use any background(not any template) with the 3 columns. The reason I say background is some templates are made for 2 columns, so you want just a background.

I hope to have most, if not all of my former gidgets put back into place by tomorrow. But we'll see. :)

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