Friday, March 27, 2009

Our library day

Today was our monthly library day visit. This is just a class that is held at our local library. Each month we do something different. Today the hostess had Easter crafts for the kids to do. Fun ones. Both of my girls were able to do it without my help so I had hands free to hold a little tiny baby. Yes, ahhh. lol. She's my daytime baby. I get my baby needs handled while there, the mom gets a break and then I hand her back lol.

While the girls were doing their crafts the teens went upstairs to "hang out" and talk. We have a chaperone who sits with them and occassionally gives them ideas, but otherwise they just talk about what interests them.

Afterwards, we headed home and relaxed for a bit. Dd S is still not over her fever, unfortunately. She even has a cough that is ick. But she was feeling better this morning, so we went. I probably should have stayed home, but felt the need to go. We arrived home and she went straight for the couch. She was about 100.0 so she was tired. She eventually settle and was feeling better after med. I then left to go get dh and got home to see her resting with brother.

Around 7pm she started feeling better, but was still resting. I put both girls to bed around 8:30 since they were both tired. Hopefully all will be well tomorrow.

ps. I seem to have a new link on my dashboard next to each blog I have called "monetize". Does anyone have any idea what this is?


.... said...

No idea on the thing on your dashboard!

I LOVE libraries and wish I had a decent one close to where I live. But the closest "decent" sized on is 1 hour away. Google me zip code 84021 and you will see what I mean! Our library in town is sooo small but I still love to go...

Karies place said... it's not on your dashboard?

I'll check that out.

soapymomponders said...

It's so you can sign up to put Google ads on your blog.

Karies place said...

soapymomponders, thanks for letting me know. It had me freaked out for a bit.