Sunday, March 22, 2009

Almost better

This is the 3rd Sunday that our family has only been mostly at church. Dh has really been struggling with this illness he's had. He started out with diarreah, then fever and then a cold on top. So the last few days have been miserable for him. I know when he's not feeling well that he sleeps alot. He emailed me on Wed to say he was coming home early. Pretty much went on the couch to snooze and then went to bed early.

Thurs he had to get up early to take ds R to seminary and then had an early morning conference call. Then he headed off to bed till 1pm. Pretty much all day Thurs was just resting, so the kids and I just did our school work and stayed quiet.

Friday he went into work, but later on early afternoon asked me to come get him. He rested all night, slept in on Sat. He's starting to feel better now, but still has a cough. Today he stayed home just to rest up more since he has to go into work on Mon. Poor guy.

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Carrie said...

Well you just described my family's last few weeks. We're headed for week 6 of people missing church. DH was diagnosed with a bulging ear drum today. He was told if he sneezed or blew his nose hard the ear drum could burst, sounds fun.....

I hope your family recovers quickly.