Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tues, our busy day

I was going to try and post yesterday, but just wasn't in the mood. But I guess I should do so now that the kids are busy.

Tues was waking up and getting ds R ready for seminary and then my time online. After he was back, took dh to work and arrived home in time for breakfast then our devotional. Did our normal school morning and then had all 3 kids come for dd S's art class. Both older kids had a hard time getting their projects done, so they were behind. Thankfully, having them come and start over really helped. Ds R was able to start from scratch and complete his project in 50 min. Dd N 90% of hers was done she she just had to finish it in her class before starting on the new project.

We then headed home for lunch and then back again. While there, one of my friends asked if I would like a ride to the library to search for more videos to buy. I said sure. So off dd S and I went. We found 6 videos. Headed back for class and then home.

Dh was working a bit later than normal, so I got dinner started early and by the time it was done, it was time to get him. Picked him up and got home just in time for us to eat. Headed out for dd N's volleyball practice at the church. We arrived at 6. Both older kids also had regular classes at 7. We didn't leave until almost 9pm. Long busy day.

Dd S was very tired since she woke up early and didn't take her normal nap so she was very tired. She pretty much fell asleep so that was nice. Both older kids fell asleep soon after.

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