Thursday, February 26, 2009

Started out good, ended blah

This morning was nice and sunshiny. Dh got up for work and left around 7am. So it was just me for a bit before dd S woke up. Pretty soon ds R was up and online. Around 8am woke dd N up. Got our morning started with the devotional, then left the kids doing their school work while I showered. With ds not doing seminary this week, it's thrown my showering schedule out the window.

Once done, I come down to find visitors in our home. My friend and her ds had gone to the library to purchase some more videos for us and was now bringing them to us(we're 1 car family). We chatted a bit, then they left and we continued with school.

Finished with structured stuff a bit before noon, so we started lunch a bit early. After lunch I had the kids write letters to their grandma. She lives in Ut, so she doesn't seem them much. But she appreciates letters from them.

Lazed about the rest of the day due to rainy weather. Fixed dinner around 6 and are now just relaxing. Dh is out with co-workers for the evening. He doesn't get much "fun" time with them, so when they do stuff like that, I highly encourage him.

So now ds R is at his computer and the girls are relaxing watching Babar. Soon to be settle down time and then bedtime.

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