Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our normal Tues busy day

Dd N and I took dh to work at 7am. Arrived home around 8 since the roads were a bit slushy and icy from the new snow(maybe 1/2"). Got breakfast then started school. After devotional, dd N and I took off to the library for a few min. It's only 5 min drive. Since they are selling all their children's video's, I wanted to purchase as many of the ones we used to check out before others did. We ended up with 5 and 2 sticker books.

Once home the kids started in on their school work. Both kids are doing well in their math. Ds r is getting most of the answers correct and that's a bit change from just a few weeks ago. Dd N still feels like she needs my help, but is slowly gaining confidence in doing it herself. Her eyes just light up. And ds r gets very proud of himself when I tell him he's getting most right now. So we're getting there AND the kids are learning, which is what's really important.

After math and history, I took the girls to dd S's art and gym class at noon. Ds R stayed home to do more school. The kids were working with real clay and making pots. They did a really good job. Then back home around 12:45 to have lunch and head back around 1:30 for the older kids' art and gym at 1:45. This particular day we had a boy join the classes. Him and his mom are checking things out to see if this would be something he likes. Apparently he likes the art class, but didn't like gym because the teacher made him jog around the gym. ::snort::: hm that's what gym is all about and kids NEED that.

Class time ended at 3:45 so we headed home to do the rest of our day. Dropped the kids off at home and I left to pick up dh from work. He was having a rough day and was on a call, but said to come get him anway. Arrived there around 4:30 and back home around 5. Started a fast dinner of spaghetti then left for the kids' church classes around 5:45. Dd N has volleyball before the main classes start at 7pm.

Did our stuff then headed home around 8:30. Tired kids, and tired mom. I'll post about Wed in a bit.

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