Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just another busy Tues

So glad the car is fixed because Tues is our very busy day. The kids have their art and gym classes on this day and that means back and forth twice. Youngest dd has her art class at noon, the 2 older ones have theirs at 1:45. So after youngest class is over, we dash home, eat lunch and then back to art and gym. We're there until 4pm.

However, this Tues was a combined activity for the youth so they were having an activity at one of the leader's home. Dd N also had volleyball practice at the church so her leader picker her up and then dh took ds later on to the activity. The girls would go after practice.

So this meant that dd S and I had an hr to ourself before dh came home. We just spent the evening cuddling and watching cartoons. The two olders ones arrived back home around 9:30. So this meant late bedtimes. Morning time should be fun....not!

Ds mentioned that when they came home with his scout master, he was informed that his Eagle board of review is this Sunday. So glad it's finally been scheduled. It will be nice to finally have this taken care of and get on with other things. But I am proud of how much work he has done and how well he's done.


hoLLy said...

thanks for commenting on my blog! i love comments:) you have some great blogs! and congrats on having a son getting close to his eagle-that is a huge accomplishment! come to my blog anytime:)

Karies place said...

You are welcome. Thanks! And yes, it's been 2yrs in the making for the eagle.
I will try and return, but it would definitely make it easier if you became a follower. (hint hint lol)

.... said...

that is weird....I had it on my blogroll! Thanks for noticing! It is there now!

Karies place said...

... I was actually referring to holly lol. We are still followers of each other. :)

Jennifer Fink said...

You Tuesdays sound like my Tuesdays! It's always at least 4 pm Tuesday before things slow down even the slightest. Today -- even with grocery shopping and everything else -- is a nice change of pace!

It's Always Something Around Here said...

Busy day for you!

Congrats to R!