Friday, February 20, 2009

The end of the colds...we hope

Last night, as dh and I were online reading and such, he informs me that he thinks he's going to take the day off on Fri. Not a surprise since he was not feeling real well. So, after a bit, he lets me know he is indeed off on Fri. So that means school is not the usual. He still did work on the computer which meant we had to do school in the other room. No bother.

So this morning he takes ds to seminary , then once home, he does some work. So I decided that we would have a slow morning. We didn't start the devotional until 9am, and we had it in the frontroom(dh was on a conference call). 9:30 got ourselves ready to head to the library for just a few min and collect what videos we could. Managed to snag about 10 and a few books for the kids. Arrived back home at 10:30(didn't actually leave the for the library until almost 10).

Read some history then watched a video about the New Testament. That lasted abit over an hr. Had lunch, did some chores then had the kids go outside for awhile. Temps were mid 30's so nice sunny day. After a bit, ds got his packing done for his weekend campout. He loves these campouts. I'm glad he does because unless it's 80 outside during the day or 70 at night, I'm NOT going camping lol.

Left to take ds R to his scout master's home by 5:30. There were several boys there already. We left about 15 min later to do a small bit of grocery shopping. Headed home and had dinner. The girls kind of vegged in front of the tv for a bit. Then we had prayer. I had the girls go upstairs and play for a bit. By 9pm they were ready to sleep. Now since big brother isn't home, dd N wanted to rest a bit on the couch. So I said as long as they were quiet they could. Dd S feel to sleep pretty quickly. Dd N was still awake, but will soon be asleep. She has a volleyball game tomorrow morning and needs her rest.

Sleep well my ds. :)

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