Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mon and Tues

Ok recently I decided to start posting in the evenings, but since Christmas time I haven't been as vigilant as I should be. So I'll just post something really quick right now while I'm in the mood.

Mon was a nice day, but didn't do a lot in terms of housework. Did some stuf, but was negligent in most things. It was also our day to head to the library and get new stuff. But the big thing for this particular Mon was the finishing of ds R Eagle presentation. We were going to try and hand it on last Sat, but we didn't have nice folders to put in the extra copies, so we ended up buying them late Sat afternoon. So this meant Mon I would be taking ds R to the scout office. So after the library, we headed there. Ds R was so nervous about handing in his stuff, but he did really well. Now just waiting for them to call for interviews.

The rest of the day was uneventful. The kids went outside for awhile and shoveled the driveway. That was their physical education for the day. Later on I went with dd N and picked up dh. He was tired. He's on call this week so once he's home we don't do much or go anywhere far since he needs to have quick access to his computer.

The evening time dsR planned our family-home-evening. <(link) In his duty-to-God <(link) book one of his requirements is to plan 4 family home evening lessons. So he has 3 more to do. Bedtime soon followed.

Tues was staying home. Next Tues will be the start of the kids' art and gym class, so the busy schedule starts again. But until we'll enjoy being at home. We did do good with school on Tues, although dd S just wanted to play. Can't blame her since her and dd N basically just played all Christmas break. However, just before we started up again, I could tell they were tired of it.

So Tues the kids did their school stuff, then big brother had the girls go out and help shovel the driveway. It was very cold (maybe 5 degrees). I was a bit hesistant, especially with dd S only being 5, but ds R told me he would keep an eye on her. She did very well, even helped shovel about half the driveway. Our driveway is about 20 to 30 yrds long so big feat for such a small child.

Later that afternoon dh called to say he was coming home but would have to log back in asap once home. He asked if I could take the kids to their church classes on my own. I told him that was what I had planned all along on weeks he is on call. Got dinner going and fed the kids. Dh said he wasn't feeling well. We left for church around 5:45. Dd N had volleyball practice at 6. So ds and I sat around until 7 with some of the other adults. Well, actually ds didn't just stand around. He had dd S taking him all over the church for walks(or runs at times lol). Kept her busy. Then as the main group was getting started, one of the children who was with their dad wanted to play with dd S, so they stayed in the hallway for most of the time playing. Definitely kept her busy.

Once classes were over with, we headed home. Arrived at 8:45 and got kids ready for bed. Dh was still very tired and so ready for bed. Luckily he was able to head to bed around 10:30 and we both pretty much just collapsed.

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