Saturday, January 24, 2009

Busy days

Yesterday was our first library day(a class held at the library)at the new library. Well it's not a new library, but it's a different one we're using now. The former one got reserved by a new homeschool group and they have the rooms EVERY Fri till May.

So our day went like this. Dd N and I took dh to work. Arrived home in time to have breakfast then shower. Dd S had a dr appt at 10 so we didn't have time to do much devotional. Got ready and left around 9:45. Got there, signed in, and were being seen by the dr 15 min later. This dr office does really well in getting patients on time. LOVE THAT! And he's a good dr. Doesn't push immunizations on us, especially since we homeschool. He will give his opinion and then let you make the decision. Not many dr will do that.

Got back home around 10:30 and pretty much the morning was wasted. So had the kids do their stuff quietly. Around 11am had ds shower since it would be a busy day and he needed to be clean. Then we read a bit of history and then had lunch. Left around 12:30 and arrived just a few min after 1. Walked into the room we were using and WOW it's big! We had 5 moms show up. Seems to be our average lately. The hostess mom was having the main group do Valentines. The teen group was meeting in a room upstairs and was all boys except the 2 moms who were observing.

Finished with our activities around 3:30. Called dh since his work was 5 min away. He was still busy so we choose to tour the library for a few min. The headed off to McD's for a snack of french fries and soda. Called dh at 4:30 but not ready. Headed to Walmart for a few min then called dh around 4:45. He was ready so we headed out to get him. Did some errands then headed home. This was the weekend ds R was going to be on his campout, but due to scout rules, when the temps get below a certain degree, they have to cancel. The scout master LOVES camping in the snow, but knows the rules and abides by them. So Ds was a bit disappointed, but knew that his scoutmaster was doing his job.

We arrived home around 6 and after putting food away, had a fend night. Then eventually bedtime. We were all tired.

This morning(Sat) I was awoken by my youngest dd S, as usual. So after trying to snuggle with her for a bit, I finally gave up and brought her downstairs for her breakfast. It was now 8am. Big brother was already downstairs on line. So dd S and I cuddled for a bit, then big brother held her for a bit.

Eventually everyone woke up and we just had a lazy day. Dh was finally able to get to the old computer that ds has been using and got it setup so that we could get the new one set up. And get any CD's on it that he wanted. I did clean up in the frontroom. Carpet was very dirty and needed vacuuming bad. So the day was busy with me cleaning, dh and ds R doing computer stuff, and the girls playing. Tomorrow is church and our ward starts at 9. However, dh has a meeting at 8am so we have to leave by 7am. This means I get up at 5:30 and the showers go every 30 min.

So right now I'm sitting here on the new computer enjoying it. Nice to have the same features as the main one does.


Jess said...

You had a busy day...

Now I feel like I got nothing done compared to what you did... lol...

Karies place said...

Believe me, I had to make up for all the days I didn't do any thing lol