Monday, December 15, 2008

The weekend

The weekend was nice, but busy. Dh slept in as did dd N. Even dd S slept till 8. What happened was after I posted my last post, I had to go cuddle with the girls since ds R wasn't home to be upstairs with them. So I let them stay up till we went to bed WITH the promise that they would be settled. They did well, but I ended up going in there around 10 because they were still up. I ended up dozing a bit until dh came in to see what was up. So we all went to bed around 10:30.

So Sat morning dh is still snoozing(well deserved) and dd S and I are downstairs cuddling while she has her chocolate milk for breakfast. After a bit we decide that dd N had slept enough (9am) and dd S needs someone to play with. I let them watch cartoons for a bit while they had their breakfast. Around 10 someone called for dh (can't remember who or why) so he was awake.

By this time I'm needing to shower so I can get started on baking. Dh and I have a party to attend in the evening and we need to take a snack with us. So I'm baking some cookies and divinity. Let's hope they last until it's time to go. lol

Around 1:30 we get a call from ds R that he's ready for us to come get him. Remember, he's been at a campout where it's COLD and SNOWY! So dh and the girls head off to pick him up. This give me a chance to have some quiet time while I finish the cookies.

Around 4pm we have a visitor who sang last Sun in church, and she has asked dh to play for her. So she and her dh came and visited for a bit before they practiced. Very nice couple. They left around 5 and we got ready to eat dinner. The wrapped our white elephant gifts.

Around 7ish we headed out down the block. The party was 4 houses away so we just walked. Once there we saw 4 other couples already there. These people are our neighbors. For the 1st 1 1/2 hrs we just sat and chatted. Then around 8 we did the gift exchange. They did the game where you draw numbers and then each person can either pick a new gift or someone else's gift. It was lots of fun! We ende up staying until 10. We figured the kids were getting anxious by this time lol.

Once home we saw that they were quietly watching tv. So we did prayer and then off to bed.

Sunday was getting ready for church. We left for church around 11:40 for dh's meeting. Church was nice. Dh and lady friend who sang, did very well. Very spiritual song. The rest of church was nothing new. Then we left around 4:30.

We did have hometeachers coming and ds R had a meeting with the bishop along with other youth ages 14- 18. They do this monthly so the bishop can get to know the youth.

Once he came home we just rested and then put kids to bed.


JADsMama said...

Hi Karie!!!
Divinity is sooo good! I love it! :) I am glad you had a good time at your party. It has got to be nice to have dc old enough to stay home alone for a couple hours. :) That and being 4 houses down helps alot with mama's nerves huh?! lol I love the background on your blog - I am glad you found one you like. :) Well, I am off to the library and to Hallmark to get our yearly ornaments. :)
Blessings and hugs,

Karies place said...


Yes, I LOVE divinity as well. In fact it only lasted 2 days(with mom watching lol).

It's been a long time in waiting for ds to be able to babysit. He does it well.

Thanks on the background. I was torn between the one you sent, one that another friend made, and this one.

I love those Hallmark ones, but dh says I have too many already lol. He's right I do go overboard at Christmas time.