Friday, December 12, 2008

Just another day....almost

Well, at least it wasn't as busy as the other days were. I did end up using the car since ds R has a campout this weekend. Yes, it's 11 degrees outside with snow and he's on a campout with the scouts. He loves doing this because other wise he would have opted to do the shooting range that the older boys his age are doing tomorrow.

Let me start from the beginning. Last Tues, the boys' leaders were trying to decide what they were going to do this weekend. The Deacons (younger boys ages 12-14 who hold the priesthood) were going camping and so ds R and his friend who are Teachers( ages 15-16) were supposed to go to a shooting range. Ds R isn't fond of those, he'd rather go camping. So in order for him to make it to the scout leaders home, I have to have the car to drive him there just in case dh doesn't get off of work.

So this morning dd N and I take dh to work and then back home to do school. I told the kids that after lunch we would head to Walmart to pick up some gloves for ds R(his are torn to shreds from shoveling last yr) and get some other goodies to take to our neighbors. So after lunch we headed out. I found some of what I was looking for at Walmart, but ended up heading to the grocery store for the rest.

Once home it was time for ds R to get himself ready and packed. Around 4pm I called dh to see if he was ready. Not yet, so I arranged to drop of ds R and then go pick up dh. We arrived at his scout master's house just after dark. We were the first to arrive. Soon after the others came. We waited outside and boy was it cold. I definitely don't see the fun in camping outside in the winter, but as long as they like it, why not.

As we were getting ready to leave I called dh to see if he was ready for us. Yep! So we headed out to get him. We stopped off at a local specialty store for some gifts. We've been invited to an adult Christmas party on Sat evening so we need a gift. Headed home afterward for a quiet evening(or as quiet as one can get with a 5yrdd lol). Had dinner and watched tv while cuddling.

Now I sit here typing while the girls are watching qubo tv. It has some interesting but good shows. They'll probably go to sleep around 10 so we're in for a late evening. :)


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