Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pray for our country

I just recently read a friends' blog and she said something I've been thinking about lately, but haven't spoken of. She posted that we need to get down on our knees and ask God to help us realize where this country is going and if Obama gets elected then we need to continue on our knees for the other leaders of the nation to be more sympathetic to OUR needs as the people and not to a non christian leader. I so totally agree. Tonight, and until we hear the final results we need to be kneeling and praying earnestly with our greatest hearts intent that we take back this country from non christians who want to take prayer out of everything and God out of everything. That's why this nation is going downhill is God isn't wanted by a lot of people so he's letting us handle things without him. We're not doing so good without him, are we.



.... said...

Agree. Holy Cow, America.... let's pray!!!!

Idaho Sutters said...

Thanks for the post. Yes we need to pray!! Another great teaching opportunity for our children. I am seeing the scriptures being fulfilled more fully as every day passes...I have to remember "be not afraid, only believing..." It's so comforting to hear so many other families (you, Becca...) who are seeing things for how they are...I'm rambling...thanks again.