Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our busy day of the week and then Wed comes

Ahhhh. I look forward to Tues since it's the day the kids have their art and gym classes and I get to chat with the other homeschooling moms while we wait for the kids to do their classes. But it means a lot of driving. First thing in the morning I drive dh to work. Come home do our morning school routine of math and history(if time permits) then get youngest dd S ready for her art class that begins at noon. We leave at 11:45 since 50% of the time we run into a train.

Once we get to her class, I help out as needed since the kids are ages 4-6. It's fun to help. Then class ends at 12:40 and we then leave and head home. Normally we get home around 1:00 and have just enough time to eat lunch and head back for ds R and dd N's art AND gym class. Well due to 2 trains coming by the building right at the time of leaving, I was a bit late getting home. I told both girls that we would NOT be watching any tv while eating. Dd N was fine, but dd S decided she just had to watch something and proceeded to have a pretty big temper tantrum and melt down. I told her she was lucky that we were in a hurry or she would be in the corner for acting that way. Eventually she settle and we left for class.

Once we arrived there we went to the lounge where the mothers wait and chat. It's nice to have friends to talk about school and religion and whatever. Lately the older kids gym class has been getting out about 5 to 10 min later than normal. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but it takes me about 10 min drive to get home and then I still need to pick up dh from work pretty much right away. Thankfully this time I was able to stay still for awhile. Dh had a meeting to attend to so I fixed an early dinner and then we ate. Thankfully we did because dh called around 5:45 and said come get me. I left all 3 kids home since dd N had an activity at 6:30 and I didn't want dd S coming since it now gets dark and she sometimes has the tendency to fall asleep. Too early for that.

Arrived at dh's work at 6:15 and arrived home just in time to pack a few things and take the 2 other kids to church for their activities. Dh stayed home since he was on call. Nice quiet evening for both of us AND ds R got his last merit badge signed. Getting there.

Wed was a lot calmer. Dh left for work at 8:30 so we started school at 9. The morning didn't go as well as I had hoped but at least dd N got in her math and some history. Ds R only did history but he did help with the younger dd.

Later in the afternoon we went outside to rake. If we weren't trying to get the raking done soon, I would have had all of us come in. It was pretty windy. The wind blew the leaves all over the place. Finally managed to get 90% into the street so that's good.

Came inside and fixed dinner. Chicken noodle soup. I make my own. Then I went out to do some visiting teaching and once I arrived home 2hrs later it was late and bedtime. A bit of whiny attitude, but otherwise fine.


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