Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday doings

For the past several months dh has had early conference calls around 7:45 till they end. Most mornings he takes them here at home then he leaves for work. Well last week he was informed that starting next week(this week)they would only have the conference calls Tues and Thurs. So Mon we left at our normal time of 7:40 and headed off to dh's work. The girls were still sleeping so we left ds R home to stay with them, as usual. Once I dropped dh off I called ds R to see if any of the girls were awake since it was getting close to wake up time. Besides, this day dh and I have dentist appts at 2 so this means our morning schedule has to be hurried a bit.

So, as I'm driving home my phone rings and it's the girls wanting to say hi to mom. I tell them I'm almost home and we'll be starting at 9 AS LONG as we can get through the devotional quickly. We do pretty well. We manage to get all the library stuff ready to go through and we head out the door at 10:15. Not bad. Most mornings we're lucky if we get out before 11, so this tells me we can do it if we really try.

Get to the library and do our normal stuff. Head out to get lunch and head home. 12:30 and not bad. After lunch it's now 12:55 and still need to brush. Still doing well since I don't need to leave home until 1:10 to get to dh's work by 1:30. Ds R and dd S are staying home since they would be bored at the dentist. Dd N wants to come and that's fine, she brings a book.

We arrive at the dentist about 5 min before appt but dentist is ready for us. My turn first. He does the cleaning and then it's dh's turn. We both had some other minor dental stuff, but nothing of excitement. We then head home around 3:30 so this means that ds R has had dd S for 2 1/2 hrs. Not bad and they both survived lol. The joke here is my dd S is almost 5 and is becoming very independent mostly. She does have her moments of needing hugs or such. And ds R is 15 1/2 and love being physical with dd. They do well but sometimes he gets a bit rough and she ends up in tears. Not rough enough to really hurt, but dd S can sometimes be really dramatic.

After a bit dh takes dd N and ds R birthday shopping since dd S has her 5th birthday soon. So while they're gone I keep dd S busy by raking leaves...again. I actually don't mind too much, but by the time we were done it was dark and only 5pm(daylight savings time, don't you love it lol). After we were done the kids were starving so inside for dinner.

Once they get home I have dd N and ds R come help us continue raking. The back yard was done we just needed to get the frontyard. After 45 min we succeeded and we all went in to eat.

Later that evening ds R had a special FHE planned. It had to do with one of his merit badges he had to complete in order to complete his eagle. He did very well. Afterwards we had treats and watched a video. Bedtime happened and dd S was having a hard time accepting bedtime. Her and dd N came up with every question they could about why mommy went to the dentist and how is the dentist(they will be seeing him this next Thurs) and finally I decided it was bedtime. After some frustration(on my part) and tears on her part, I finally managed to get dd S to the stairs, then she stopped so I headed up without her. Can't carry her too much since it strains my back. After a bit I had ds R head down to the basement to bring up laundry. As he was headed up the upstairs stairs, dd S was blocking. After a few attempts of trying to get her up, I finally had to head down the stairs and carry her up. Not an easy task since she's at least 55 or 60lbs now.

After a bit I finally got her settled and her and dd N headed to their room to read. This was about 9pm. 9:30 they both come down to say they are tired and want to go to sleep. So I head up and tuck them in. Tired girls.


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