Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just a quiet day

Well not much happened today other than school work. After dh went to work we got our morning devotional started and then I had the girls go get dressed and ds R get started on his blog. I think we're all feeling a bit blah due to the weather today. It's cloudy and rainy and blah. But we perservered and did what we could.

After lunch I had ds R do what he needed to do for his campout which is this weekend. He will be helping some of the younger boys catch up on some merit badges along with some of the other older boys. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. We're expecting rain all weekend with some possible snow flurries or more.

Got caught up on some house hold chores. Also, had ds R hook up our holiday light for outside. It's a round circle light that shines on the house showing whatever holiday is happening. So we have Thanksgiving out right now.

Decided I'd better get dinner ready soon since it was getting late. I also had visiting teaching to do so I got started on dinner. The girls were busy playing and ds R was continuing his rope tying stuff.

After eating my companion came to get me and we left. Dh was watching the kids. Once we arrived back home, the kids were all piled around the computer talking about stuff. Sounded like they were talking about ghost stories and such. Got them away and into the frontroom to settle for the night. And ds and ds R were going to be working on his eagel presentation. They were able to order his photos and get his report settled. So a bit further into it now. I will be so glad when this is done and we can get on with other things.

Eventually it was bedtime so I took the girls up to bed while ds and dh continued working on his project. I think the girls missed having him up there, but just a few min ago I checked on the girls and dd S was already sleeping. Dd N is still awake but that's ok, she'll get tired enough soon. Right now the guys are playing a computer game or should I say dh is playing and giving hints to ds so he'll be able to play better. lol Just nice to see these two do fun stuff together.



Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I ♥ your blog! Thanks for sharing :)

Karies place said...

Thanks! Yours is cute as well. Please feel free to add yourself to my following. I love your Christmas ideas!


Tricia said...

Come on over and don't forget the bread!


Karies place said...

Tricia, I'm coming I'm coming. :)