Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just a day

It was just another day, but at least it was a day at home. After dh left for work, I went up and showered, then made sure dd N was up. By 8:30 I was ready to start our school day. Ds R was caught up in latest update in the Eagle report stuff. At last count he has all his merit badges done, his photos ordered, developed and now home, his main part of the eagle report done, and how his scout master emailed him some additional things that need to be done. Not a lot, but still need to be done, so he was trying to get that done when I stopped him to start our morning.

After our devotional, I told the girls to go get dressed and then read while I went over ds R's math from yesterday. I wanted to go over the missed problems and see if he just wasn't paying attention or wasn't sure how to do the problem. Seems mostly just not paying attention. After that I had him continue onto the next lesson. Then I went in and helped dd N with her math while dd S hung out and tried various methods of getting our attention. lol

After math, we sat down and read some history. Then it was time for lunch. I told ds R that after lunch he needed to continue on his eagle report stuff. He started on some stuff, and then realized he needed some dates for his Eagle scout application. Doesn't have them so we'll have to consult with his scout master. Boy this process is slow and drawn out or at least it can be.

The rest of the afternoon was me spending time cleaning both bathrooms which, unfortunately hadn't been cleaned in awhile. EWWW! Then got caught up on laundry. In the meantime, dd N is already asking me what's for dinner(this is 3:00). She decides she wants hamburger helper. Haven't had that stuff in yrs. Wasn't the greatest dinner, but it did its job.

The rest of the evening was with the girls upstairs playing and ds R doing his computer stuff. Dh helped ds R decide on photos for his report and some other stuff. I went into the kitchen trying to get the dishes finally caught up. We won't be home much tomorrow so I'm trying to get the kitchen cleaned up so I don't have to worry.

8:00 came and time to settle the girls. Gave them some snacks and video then prayer time and book reading time for a bit. Finally 9:30 and into bed. Awww quiet time.


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