Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A good day...mostly

Today was our first day at home all day since last Fri. We started on time and got going, but after the devotional things kind of slowed down. Ds R kept trying to look around online for stuff(not sure what) and the girls were kind of playing and not getting dressed for the day. I finally got after ds R and made him get started on his math. Once the girls got going they did well. Dd S did 2 math sheets, single addition using coins to add. Dd N did a good part of her math without my helping. I think she's starting to feel confident in herself more.

After math we sat down and read some history. The kids love this, although dd S would rather play. I finally had the idea of letting her play on the computer while we read. This worked out much better.

By the time we finished with the chapter it was time for lunch. So we didn't get much school work in, but I was going to make sure they got the house cleaned up. lol Then around 12:45 ds R's former 2nd grade teacher came by to visit. We became good friends when I helped volunteer in her class room when ds R was 7/8. So when she finally got email, I asked her if she'd like to keep in touch during the summer and she said sure. Little did either of us know that this would be the last time I entered that building again. Later on that summer we "discovered" homeschooling again and decided that's what we were going to do. So that meant not seeing her again. Thank goodness for emails.

After she left it was time to start getting the house cleaned up. So room by room we just started decluttering. Took a lot of effort since dd S wanted to play and ds R was kind of being lazy just sitting at the computer. Eventually we got it done and it looks much better.

Around 5:30 dh got home and dinner was still cooking. We eventually ate around 6 but dh had a church meeting here at home so he ate later on.

The evening was a bit long since we really couldn't go outside(only 30 ). So for a bit over 2 hrs we were only to be found in the frontroom or basement to continue with laundry. Dh said his meeting was productive so that's good. We then said prayer and kids went to bed. The girls read for a bit then time to put them into bed. WHEW! Long day. I hope tomorrow is better with school. Some days are good, some aren't as good. :)



.... said...

Amen. Some days rea good! Some days aren't!

Karies place said...

Oh most definitely! Hoping for even just a few ok days as well. lol

Vania said...

Praying you have a better day tomorrow! Yes, it does seem that some days are better than others. :) It is good that you got to visit with your DS's old teacher. It is so nice to have that friendship even though the kids aren't in ps anymore. :) We keep in touch wiht our DS's 1st grade teacher. :)