Friday, November 21, 2008

Fri and the weekend is here

This morning the 2 older kids had dentist appts, so the whole family took dh to work at 8am. It's been awhile since we've all done this. We arrived at his work around 8:30 and headed to the dentist for a 9am appt. We arrived at 8:45 in time to see the dentist getting ready. 5 min later he had ds R in the chair. He has some cavities on either side of his mouth in the back on the bottom. So he was in the chair for about 45 min. The girls read books and did puzzles that were in the office there.

Then it was dd N's turn and all she had to have done was some teeth protection which took about 10 min. Then we headed for home. By this time it's 10:00 and by the time we get home it'll be close to 10:30 and with their mouths being somewhat sore I wasn't going to push much. However, ds R's mouth was still numb so he started working on his Eagle presentation while he still felt up to it. The girls watched some school videos then went off and played.

Noon time we had lunch. Ds R wasn't sure how his teeth would be, but eating a slice of homemade bread was fine :). After lunch we headed out to our local homeschool groups library day. This is basically a class that is held at the library. Today was a game day and we had 10 moms show up. Not bad. Also, one of my good friends who had been on bedrest due to a high risk pregnancy was there with her new little one and I got to hold him. What a sweetie. It was a nice time and we had a good group there.

Finally around 3:00 it was time to start packing it up. Around 3:30 everyone had left and the room was cleaned up. I called dh to see if he was ready to come home and he was. So we drove 20 min to his work, then we went to the grocery store to get Thanksgiving dinner bought. Arrived back home in time for everyone to have dinner. Then the girls went off to play and ds R went online. Dh was so tired he feel asleep on the couch. He's on call this week and it started off really busy even BEFORE his week happened.

Around 8pm got the girls ready to settle for the night with a video and snack. Then prayer and bedtime. Reading time didn't last long since both girls were tired. When I asked how each child was, ds R said his mouth was just fine with absolutely no pain. This dentist is just amazing how he can numb your mouth and yet once the numbness goes away, you feel no pain from the work OR the needle.

So now it's just dh and I, but of course he gets paged so he's on his work phone right now. Thank goodness it's the weekend.



Jess said...

You are always so busy!!! =) Big hugs and prayers your way that your feeling better..... ENjoy your weekend!

.... said...

Amen!!! I needed a weekend myself!