Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election day

This morning dh took his conference calls at home so that after he was done by 9 we could beat the rush hour lines and have no problem. Worked just fine. We took all 3 kids so they could see again how this is done. Ds R will be doing this in 4 yrs when we elect a new pres. We then took dh to work and came back home. Since our school morning was already half gone, I told the kids as long as they were doing educational stuff, I would let them go. They did pretty good.

11:45 came around and it was time to take dd S to her art class. So dd N and I head off for that with ds R supposedly editing his eagle report. At the end of art class, I briefly mentioned to the teacher that it was dd S' bday on Wed so she had the class sing to her. Boy was she embarrased but also loved it. Went back home, had lunch and then back for the older 2 to attend their art and gym class.

We arrived back home just in time to have a few min rest and then go get dh from work. Tonight is the scout night court of honor so I'm a bit excited for ds R to get some merit badges. He's close to getting his eagle done since he now has the family merit badge done. Now he just needs to get the citizenship in the community done and hand in his eagle. I think the eagle report would have been handed in by now, but I think dh wants to make sure it's nice and have a hand in it, but with his busy schedule, it's been a long road.

Once we arrived home we had dinner then off to church. Of course the one thing on our minds the whole time was who would win the election. I think a lot of already knew who and we were just trying to forget about it. After their classes were done we headed home for election results. Still even with both. I think I knew who would win, but was still refusing to think about it. But as I was decorating for dd S's birthday, I said a prayer that whoever wins, I will not be worried. Immediately a peaceful feeling over came me and even though the candidate that I didn't want to win, won, I'm not going to worry about it. I'm also not going to watch him or whatever. I just want to get on with life and ignore the Pres.

Please keep one thing in mind, our country has shown the a majority of Americans are greedy or really think this guy can help out country OR they just wanted to be part of history having voted the first black man into office. Time will soon tell how much he'll tear America apart from what it was originally supposed to be. I think a lot of people are going to see just what sort of life they'll be leading in a few yrs. So I think we ALL need to get on our knees and ask God to help bring him back into our lives be that our public lives or our personal lives.

But I want to end this on a happy note. Tomorrow(Wed) is my youngest dd's bday and we're going to just have a good day and not think about the elections. :)


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