Monday, November 3, 2008

Another busy weekend

I'm truly hoping that once in awhile we'll have a quiet weekend, but until that happens I'll just be glad for having things to do.

Fri was trick or treat night. We started the day with me trying to explain to the kids that we would be doing school. However, ds R said that he was almost better, but felt if wouldn't do a very good job with his math if he had to do it, and ON a Friday! So I caved in realizing that with that attitude I wasn't going to get much cooperation. However, he WAS to work on his eagle report which he did do. So we spent the morning just relaxing and getting a few things done chore wise. After lunch I told the kids we would be raking the lawn since next week, when the leaf vacuum comes, we just wouldn't have the time to rake. Let's see Mon dentist for mom and did afternoon, gift shopping for dd S(bday is on Wed) and a special family-home-evening . Tues is our busiest day of the week plus church activities that evening. Wed is dd S's birthday so dh has the day off. Thurs is the day the vacuum comes and the kids all have dental appt. So we really needed to get some of the leaves into the street.

Once done I had ds R go shower while the girls and I made sure their costumes were ready. I was also trying to figure out dinner plans but the kids decided they wanted a fend night(eating whatever you felt like that was healthy) so since we had lots to do I said sure. Dh came home a bit early so he could help hand out treats once it started. What was funny is in the past, very close to 5pm the doorbell starts ringing. This yr it didn't start until 5:45, but apparently we had a lot of visitors.

So close to 6pm the kids were ready so we head out. I was insisting that ds R come with us since 1st his costume was very interesting. He was dressed as a hippie. 2nd in the last few yrs several of the neighbors had been asking about him and actually had candy for him. So once we did our main block I excused ds R to head home. The girls and I continued over to the next block for another 30 min. We then headed home. Dh was still passing out candy to kids. The time this yr was extended from 5-7:30 instead of 7.

Finally trick or treating was over for the year. And as I've posted before, Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I would very easily pass right over it.

The weekend was filled with Conference meetings. Dh and ds R had to go help set up chairs at the church on Sat morning, so at 8:30 they set off. The girls just played for a bit while waiting for dh. We were going to go out for lunch, but since we'll be going out on Wed (dd's bday) we choose not to. We did end up at Sam's club doing shopping and then got a late lunch of pizza. Headed home and ate. Then dh had a church meeting at 4 so he left at 3:30. Later on there was an adult meeting at 7 so ds R watched the girls while we attended this.

Sunday was early church. We were having Stake-Conference and it started at 10. Regular church starts 1pm so we had to get going a bit earlier.

After church ended we came home around 12:30. Lunch time and then the afternoon was free for the kids to play quietly. Not much else happened. We watched Extreme homemaker 7pm then around 8:30 put the kids to bed. By 9:30 all was quiet. Ahh



Micke said...

Just wait till the kids leave home and then you will have a quiet weekend. Then they will have their own kids and they will be back in and out of you house. I saw you at conference on sunday but I missed you when it was over.

Karies place said...

Yeah, I sometimes wish for those quiet weekends, but I realize that they will come very quickly so I'm trying to enjoy their company, and mostly I do. :)

Were you sitting up in the chapel area, because I thought I saw you, but had no chance to chasing you down. lol

ps thanks for posting on my blog.