Friday, October 31, 2008

It's over for another year

Halloween is the one holiday I really don't like to celebrate. I used to get out all the decorations and go crazy, but ever since I've heard about why we celebrate it, I've decided I don't like it. I decorate in fall fashion, scarecrows, pumpkins, and any other fall accessory. My kids can take the halloween decor and do their room the week before Halloween. Thankfully we never bought really scary ones.

Another reason I really dislike the holiday is the children who are out gathering candy, can be really rude. I was out with my 2 dd's and as we would walk on the sidewalk, I would notice children running across the lawns and pushing past others. Such rudeness for free candy. Thankfully we have taught our children respect for others property. Well, it's night time, the kids are in bed and dh and I are on the computers catching up on news and such. Sometimes we will chat via the email just to keep the quietness we have. :)



Stop the Hate said...

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.... said...

Wow, I so agree. Halloween is one of those holidays I could do without also.

Amanda said...

I totally know what you mean! I could do without Halloween too, though I do enjoy the "fall" decor! At our ward trunk or treat, it was a very rare child that actually said "trick to treat" when they wanted my candy. Most of them would just walk up and either hold their sack out, or just take a piece of candy...without saying a word! Its just plain rude. At least we have better holidays to look forward to now! :-)