Monday, September 22, 2008

The weekend

Not much really happened this weekend. Fri was normal school stuff. We were all coming down with various stages of colds, dd S being the worst at the time. She has sniffles and a cough. Ds R had a sore throat and a bit of a cough, but nothing like dd S. Dh did his conference call and then left a bit after 8. We then started our morning. I kept thinking that since we were all feeling a bit blah we would skip school, but no one really said anything, and so I just kept plugging along.

By lunchtime we had all done something for school, so lunch happened. After lunch I told the kids we were doing the geography game again. It's where I have a bunch of cards representing each of the states and there are facts about each state on the card. After I pick a state, each of the kids has to find the state on the map and then read something on the card. For some reason the girls love this. Ds R isn't thrilled but he goes along with it. Maybe because he doesn't know where a lot of them are but dd N does.

Later I kick them outside for fresh air. Not sure how much longer this nice weather will last so we're taking advantage of it.

Well, evening time comes and I have visiting-teaching to do for one sister. In our faith, we call each other brother and sister since we are brothers and sisters in spirit. So my companion comes early as I'm fixing dinner. I had fallen asleep and didn't wake up in time to really fix the dinner right. So I'm trying to fix this quickly so the kids have dinner before I leave. Finally got it done, but not exactly what I wanted. Oh well, the kids liked it.

Left to go visit, then arrived home and got kids inside ready to settle for the evening. After their evening snacks they went to bed.

Sat morning ds R is going to help another young man with his eagle project, so dh has to take him there by 8. So this means not sleeping in as much as I wanted. But at least 1 1/2 longer is better than none. Pretty soon dd S is awake and wanting her breakfast. We then snuggle for a bit before getting dd N up. Of course she's awake so she's ready to play with dd S.

Most of the day is just lounging around. Cleaning up around the house and getting my fall decorations out. I don't like halloween so fall and autumn decorations will be fine. Finally ds R calls and says he's ready to come home. Dh heads out to get him.

Around 4:30 I ask dh if he's wanting to go shoe shopping and dinner. His answer is "whatever". I dislike this answer because even if he's willing to go, he's also may not be willing. Finally around 5:30 I decide that we'll just go get dinner and then if dh feels up to shoe shopping we will. Probably going out to dinner wasn't the best thing since ds R was still somewhat full from lunch earlier and dd S was still in the middle of her cold. But I knew that next week dh is on call which means after work he can't do any type of shopping or dinner stuff in case he gets paged. So I try and take advantage of the week before and go out.

After dinner I ask dh what he's up to and turns out he's fine shoe shopping. All 3 kids need new shoes. Ds R's are getting holes in them, dd S's shoes are just too small and dd N's are also too small. Wow the price of shoes is going up or the kids are getting into adult sizes. Dd N has now passed me in shoe size. I'm 7 most times and she just went to an 8! Ds R was the same size as ds last yr so now he's size 13 with wide width. After getting a couple other odds and ends we left to go home. It's now 9pm.

Putting them to bed was a bit of a hassle, and had we not had church the next day I wouldn't have bothered as much. So they all finally went to bed around 9:30. Dd S is still coughing a bit so dh and I are going to keep an eye on her. I possibly might be staying home. Not something I really want to do since Sunday is not a day for outside playing.

Sunday comes and after dd S wakes up and continues with her coughing we decide she will stay home with me. The rest of the family continues getting ready. Of course this would be the day that we get many phone calls. lol Most Sun we get maybe 1 or 2. Most people at church email us. But today we received like 4 calls.

Time for the rest of the family to head to church. Dh is going to make my copies of the ward program since that's my calling. So they head out and dd S and I stay home. Some of the day is spent watching some videos, other times she wants to read. We also need to shower since the day she was going to bath/shower she came down with the cold. So upstairs for that.

Later she decided to play with her toys so I went online to check stuff out. Later on she decides she wants my attention so I ask what she wants. She's not sure. I ask if she wants to use ds R's computer to play some games. Yep! She did that for awhile and then found a printout of a cut and paste of a snake. So we printed it and she proceeded to cut. I ended up cutting quite a bit since she seemed overwhelmed.

After a bit we did dishes and played around. Finally it was time for the rest of the family to come home. Dinner was eaten and the girls played for awhile. Dh fell asleep on the couch and ds R went online. Typical Sun afternoon.

Around 7 we decide it's video time and get the kids settled for the evening. Dd S is still wanting on again off again attention from me. So eventually I just sit and cuddle. Bedtime was a bit rough since dd S really didn't do anything to tire herself out. Eventually she was made to go to bed and stay. She wasn't thrilled but decided it was best. I gave her extra hugs and kisses with promises to give more in the morning.

Dh and I then had our evening time. Dh is really tired, I can tell, but still tries to keep me company. We finally end up going to sleep. He's on call this coming week, so we'll see what happens.


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